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PENCERITA is the positive alternative to a toxic social media experience – focusing on human connection, growth, and kindness through intentionality.

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Committed to returning to the heart of authenticity

Creating and sharing your narrative has never been easier with our intuitive system that helps drive authenticity by asking you thought provoking questions about your life experiences that are aimed at evoking raw emotion, inspiring self discovery, collaboration and driving real answers in a safe space.

Document Life’s Moments

Pencerita Brings You a New Way to Tell Your Story.

Time is precious and that understanding is at the heart of everything we build at Pencerita – a groundbreaking legacy preservation, content sharing platform based on privacy and security, doing good in the world, and building a global community.

Effortless documentation of personal journal with curated content creation assistance

Recording your memories shouldn’t monopolize the time you have today. That’s why we’ve designed an intentional platform that’s effortlessly easy to use, enabling you to record your past in the most quick and efficient—yet personally creative—way possible, so you can get back to living in the moment and enjoying the gift that is today.

Professionally Written Stories and Questions

We realize that sometimes putting your story down in words can be difficult. Sometimes it's hard to decide on where to start or how to proceed. So the developer is a pencil Rita I've worked with the most talented copywriters in the industry to come up with hundreds of curated content, creation templates for you to easily find your footing when starting to write down your journey.

Collaborative Content Creation

Easily collaborate with other storytellers on your own stories or theirs by seamlessly integrating your own digital and written assets back and forth within a collaborative content creation space.

All common files formats are supported

The Pencerita platform, supports any file format that you want to use. Feel free to upload photos, movie, files, import documents, and anything else you can think of.

Time Capsule Special Items Vault

Write out your story, and create your journey, and then store it away in our Time Capsule future, with a set open date in the future. Send this content to a loved one for them to open at a future time, and not before.

All your content guaranteed safe and secure.

Pencerita, uses the most up-to-date and secure safety precautions when storing your personal data and information. We will never sell or share your information without your explicit knowledge.


We believe there are immediate user growth & revenue opportunities based on cohort analyses

Welcoming Baby

It’s estimated that Americans spend over $4B / year on baby-related expenses.

From announcements, baby showers, and gender reveals, Pencerita can help capture those joyous moments

Memory Loss

It’s estimated that Alzheimer’s impacted nearly 6M Americans this year, and cost nearly $400M to manage.

Pencerita can help people preserve their memories for family & friends before it’s too late

Getting Married

With 2.5M weddings per year in the US, Americans spend an estimated $72B on wedding-related costs.

Pencerita can share a unique wedding story with those the member intends, at the right time.

New Home

Nearly ⅓ of home buyers are first-time home buyers, with 88% of those between the ages of 22-29.

Pencerita can capture the journey of home ownership and its ups & downs

Your Education

Over half of adults aged 25-34 have a college degree, with nearly 90% completing high school. The US is known for its high education costs.

Pencerita can share the journey of a member’s quest to learn and grow.

Travel & Adventure

With 2.5M weddings per year in the US, Americans spend an estimated $72B on wedding-related costs.

Pencerita can share a unique wedding story with those the member intends, at the right time.

Depression & Illness

In any given year, nearly every American gets some type of illness, from mental (~50M American adults struggle with mental illness) to the physical.

Documenting the process on Pencerita enables you to share your unique path to wellness

Substance Recovery

An estimated 23M people have an illicit drug abuse or alcohol problem, with 11 % getting the help they need and ~2.5M in treatment every year.

Pencerita can enable those in recovery to share their journey in an accepting ecosystem

For The Holidays

With ~53M Americans gathering for the Thanksgiving weekend, and spending ~$1k/ person on holiday gifts; connections with family & friends abound.

Pencerita can capture the special moments & memories to be shared in a meaningful way


Discover the new language of communicating.


“We’re in the process of adopting a child and Pencerita gives us a safe place to capture the excitement and emotion on our terms, lets us document & share what we want, when we want, with whom we want, without all the toxicity of conventional social media. I can’t wait to start using the platform!”

– Alpha Tester, Male, Age 38


“I’ve never used a platform that allows me to collaborate in the creative space, real time like Pencerita. I share only what I want, when I want, using any type of media you can think of. This makes conventional social media seem like a dinosaur.”

– Alpha Tester, Age 29


“It is so refreshing to use a platform that focuses on the betterment of people and the planet through social connection. Pencerita is the exact opposite of social media. Deep, substantive dialogue and well-crafted life stories to cherish all the wonderful events life brings – all the while giving back to charitable organizations to make up for the damage other companies have done and continue to do.”

– Alpha Tester, Female, Age 27


“Pencerita ignited the fire for my creativity to write. First, it will be legacy preservation for my son, creating a space to privately connect with the journey of his upbringing, and also his mother’s journey throughout her lifetime. Secondly, it lets me stand in a space of vulnerability and truth. Sharing a journey in hopes that if just one life is lifted because of my experiences, my purpose will have been served and continue to serve those that go after me.”

– Alpha Tester, Female, Age 44